Assessing Gas Turbine LM2500 Technology

The LM2500 is considered as the most versatile engine as it has been uprated as well as improved several times since its commercial inception. This gas turbine can be found in utility/IPP peaking, combined cycle plants and cogeneration as well as in trailer mounted emergency/standby packages, mechanical drive applications, drilling platform service, marine main propulsion...
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Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility

The fuel cost of gas turbines can be more than 80 percent of the total cost of electricity even for combined cycle plants. Generally, utilities, marine, and industrial plants are gradually looking for options to run lower cost alternative fuels. Consequently, new applications and technologies have been developed to meet the increasing demand for fuel...
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What Can Go Wrong with Your Gas Turbine?

The gas turbine has become a major source of generating electricity since 1939. It is one of the most popular power generating technologies in the world today. The technology behind a gas turbine operation is easy to understand. The Benefits of a Gas Turbine System A gas turbine is almost a ubiquitous feature in most...
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The Importance of RAMS

Contemporary businesses face a unique set of challenges, which requires more capital injection against a backdrop of increasing operational costs. Some of these challenges range from disruptive technology, growing size of business facilities, expanded business operations with an international focus, increasing demand for quality from users, demand for more efficiency to meet shifting user expectations...
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Keeping Your Gas Turbines Clean

Due to the load of work a gas turbine does, it is not unusual for this important system to develop issues along the way. Gas turbines have been an integral part in powering plans since the late 1930s. Even though the systems used have been refined over time, still you can expect some problems including...
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