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The Perks of Choosing GE Aero-derivative gas turbines

General Electric has aero-derivative gas turbines that have been designed with the user in mind. The challenges that companies face when responding to various power demands require both flexibility and speed. That is exactly what you get with the GE aero-derivative gas turbines. Here are some of the perks that you can hope to enjoy when you choose to buy these gas turbines:

Aero-derivative gas turbines

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  • Great performance, efficiency and reliability – Regardless of the location and environment, there is a solution to the power needs. The available gas turbines are 50 and 60 hertz and are guaranteed to provide dependable and precise energy supply in a flexible and safe manner. The thermal efficiency in a combined cycle is at 56% and 80% in a cogeneration configuration. The operating hours of these gas turbines exceed 100 million, making them the leaders in customer value, performance and technology.
  • Quick installation and fewer interruptions – The manufacturing cycles have been shortened and the delivery times have become both predictable and dependable. Additionally, the supply chain is very robust. All of this means that the installation times are faster and the costs of installation and operation have been reduced. Project schedules are lower and the financial risk associated with installation of the gas turbines has been reduced.
  • Fast cycling capability and starts – They start – stop cycle is a short 15 minutes. Additionally, the gas turbine takes only 10 minutes to go from being completely cold to full power. The aero-derivative gas turbine is therefore well able to efficiently handle fluctuating demand across a wide variety of industry segments. There is no need for a spinning reserve.
  • Load following – This is largely due to the two-rotor design. When the load changes, you get a response that is faster and comes with power efficiency. Because the turbine is able to match the load, the frequency and voltage are more stable, which allows for more starting torque in applications that are mechanically driven.
  • High reliability/ availability – These turbines utilize both aircraft design and experience and the design therefore incorporates modular construction, split castings, both external and internal parts can be individually replaced and they take advantage of the engine program by GE known as lease pool. This reduces the cost of parts.
  • Fuel range is wide – Other than the regular turbine fuels, other fuels can be used as alternatives for these turbines. They include green fuels like ethanol and biodiesels as well as naphtha.

GE Aero-derivative gas turbines, it’s useful when you need power demands require both flexibility and speed. Feel free to contact us if you need to solve your problem with this machine.