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Dry Low Emission New Technology: GE LM9000

General Electric Oil & Gas has created and introduced to the market gas turbines that it says are super-efficient. Those dry low emission new technologies are the NovaLT12 and the LM9000. They have done so in order to adapt to the changing times, interrupting the development of traditional products and introducing cost-effective, smarter, and more advanced gas turbines meant to address the main needs of the industry, which are productivity, flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

dry low emission - LM9000

Pic credit: gereports

The LM9000 has been derived from the engine fitted into the Boeing 777, which is a GE90 jet engine.  It is an aero derivative gas turbine with an efficiency of forty-three percent on simple-cycle generation and sixty-five MW. Its crucial design feature is the free power turbine, which allows for high speeds and power efficiency in different ambient conditions. Its regular speed is 3429 rpm and the speed range is between 70% and 105%. This turbine has been designed with mechanical drive in mind, and it is suitable for combine-cycle, simple cycle and cogeneration power.  Additionally, it can be used in LNG (Liquefied natural gas) applications both onshore and offshore.

The LM9000 is safe, dependable, flexible and precise in the generation of power because of its simple cycle efficiency of 43% and cogeneration efficiency of 80%. With its modular, packaging manufacturing cycles have been shortened and installation is much faster. Additionally, the costs of installation and operation have lower than those of field erected units. Since it is compact, new plants that are smaller as well as retrofits will find it excellent for strict space requirements. 12.5 x 5 x 4.5 meters is the dimensions of the driver package. With longer intervals between scheduled maintenance days and a twenty four hour engine swap capability, the LM9000 has a 99% up time, which is crucial for LNG applications.

In addition to the LM9000, GE introduced the NovaLT12, which is a heavy duty gas turbine. It has been developed with the midstream operations of oil and gas in mind and works well in both downstream and upstream applications. Its power output is 12.6 MW and has options for a range of power needs of between 10.5 – 13.9 MW. At 70% working capacity, it achieves an efficiency of 32%, while at full load the efficiency is 36.5%, with an 8900 rpm shaft speed. In cogeneration applications, you can expect as much as 85% efficiency. Both the NovaLT12 and the LM9000 are an improved solution for the production of power and heat. They increase the efficiency of the plant while at the same time reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. This new Dry Low Emission technology can save a lot of wasted energy because it is more effective. Please find our available Dry Low Emission services here.