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Keeping Your Gas Turbines Clean

Due to the load of work a gas turbine does, it is not unusual for this important system to develop issues along the way. Gas turbines have been an integral part in powering plans since the late 1930s. Even though the systems used have been refined over time, still you can expect some problems including foreign object damage, corrosion, fatigue due to strenuous operations among other issues.

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When a gas turbine is not performing optimally, you can expect a lot of problems in your plant including poor performance and unreliability. Other issues expected include high cost of maintenance and poor efficiency leading to low power output. These problems can be averted by using anti-corrosion and anti-fouling coatings and better blades.

Cleanliness: The Ultimate to Gas Turbines Problem

However, new studies have revealed that keeping your gas turbine in spick and span condition will work even better. It seems like the solution to poor performance of gas turbines has been around all this time. This is despite the fact that many complex maintenance systems have been developed to deal with gas turbine glitches.

While some contaminants can easily be removed through routine washing, this cannot be said about more complex issues. In fact, water can exacerbate the problems by promoting erosion, fouling and corrosion. If you are to clean the gas turbine system, make sure you use de-mineralized water for better results. As a rule, never try a shortcut when you want to clean a gas turbine unit because this will eventually cost more when you start replacing damaged parts.

Another key concern when it comes to cleaning a gas turbine has to do with the type of fuel used. A variety of fuels are used including synthetic fuels, fuel oils and natural gas. The type of gas used will also determine the extent of damage caused to the inner systems.

Liquid fuels contain impurities that can lead to corrosion and erosion and so does natural gas. Dirty gas affects the combustion process and eventually the gas turbine suffers the consequences. These impurities in gas can easily be eliminated through proper blowing of pipes during and after construction.

Professional Gas Turbine Solutions

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