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The Importance of measuring instruments’ Calibration

Modern society uses a wide variety to measuring instruments many different things. Measuring instruments are used in agriculture, weather, automotive industry, the medical field and so much more. With such great reliance on these devices, it only makes sense that you ensure they are accurate in their readings. Through calibration, you are able to verify the readings and ensure that they are matching the readings of a particular standard. If it falls short, the device is then adjusted so that it meets the required specifications.

measuring instruments' calibration

Here are some reasons why you should ensure that all your devices are properly calibrated at all times:

Safety – Whenever you are measuring instruments certain parameters like electric current or force, ensuring accuracy is critical if the product is to remain safe. If these are not properly calibrated, you can have a safety hazard in the facility. If you were to make inaccurate measurements with a device that had not been calibrated, then you would have no way of carrying out a failure analysis that was valid. Another example that most people can relate with is the temperature of food that is stored or cooked. If the thermometer was inaccurate, then you would be at risk of giving spoiled or bad food to your patrons.

Cost reduction – If you go through your regular production process with the end result being defective products, you would go at a huge loss. Unfortunately, even small measurement errors could lead to that. Imagine having the wrong temperature when working on plastic parts. You can be sure that the mold will not set like it should leading to the process being started all over again. The losses incurred would be in resources as well as time, which can cost you a lot in terms of revenue. It is therefore important to ensure that any sensors used to monitor your processes are accurate by calibrating them as needed.

Certification – Not everybody that claims to calibrate equipment should do so. The service provider that you engage needs to prove that they are indeed proficient in the same. It is therefore important to verify that these people can be relied on to provide a great service that meets the standard. A calibration laboratory needs to have undergone inspection and be accredited by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation). In order to pass this audit, they will have to have their people, processes, quality system and equipment audited as well. If they have the right certification, then you know they are reliable.

However, calibration is vitally important wherever measuring instruments are important it enables users and businesses to have confidence in the results that they monitor record and subsequently control. Contact us for more information about our calibration services.