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What Causes High NOx Emissions

If you notice that your NOx emissions are high, then you know for sure that there is a problem with your system. You need to find out where it is, fix it and ensure that you remain compliant where these emissions are concerned.

Causes of Non-Compliant NOx Emissions

If you are getting readings that are out of compliance, you need to find the cause. It could be any one of the following:

  • The oxygen sensor may have failedHigh NOx emission
  • The air fuel mixture may have become too lean
  • Misfire condition
  • The spark advance may be improper
  • The combustion chamber may be experiencing an excessive amount of carbon deposits
  • The cold air duct may be damaged
  • The electrical connections for the engine sensor may be damaged or corroded
  • The EGR valve may have been improperly adjusted or could be malfunctioning
  • The catalytic converter may be malfunctioning or may have failed altogether
  • The exhaust tubing that sits upstream of the convertor may have sprung a leak
  • The coolant passage may be blocked

If your catalytic converter fails, it is important to note that it will be a contributor to the high NOx readings, but this failure alone is not likely to be the cause. There may be another problem with upstream performance. However, in each and every case, it is critical for you to find the root cause prior to concluding that the converter has a problem.

On our next article, How to reduce high NOx emissions, we will talk about alternatives that you can consider for your machine to reduce the high NOx emissions. If you need immediate help and/or consultation in regards to your NOx readings, make sure to come visit our page. You can also contact us directly here for any concern with your machine’s performance. Our experts are happy to assist you.