Customer Focus

We are a Customer Focused organization aiming to provide excellence in customer services, health, safety and quality. Customer’s expectations, we aim to;

Meet your goals

Understand Your Business

Exceed Customer Expectations

Help Customers Succeed

Improve Plant Availability

Improve Plant Reliability

Improve Gas Turbine Performance

Maximize Plant Efficiency

Fast Customer Response

Provide Technical Excellence

Avoid “slow” corporate processes

Build good customer relationships

Establish good communications

As an alternative services provider to the OEM we specialize in :

  • Dry Low Emissions Technology and Mapping Services
  • Rotating Equipment Installation & Commissioning Services
  • Rotating Equipment Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Technical Field Services, Troubleshooting and Solutions
  • Engineering and Consultancy
  • Technical Training


We aim to become the global group for top level Controls & DLE Mapping Services as an alternative to the OEM at a much more competitive price, providing a quality service with customer focus as top priority. In the current challenging industrial environment, with our vision and experience, we provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise on Gas Turbines and Associated Packages, Auxiliary Equipment and Controls Systems. With fast mobilization and providing experienced troubleshooters we aim for less plant downtime, improving reliability & availability and reducing operation & maintenance costs.


As we are a company we strongly uphold fairness, loyalty excellence, honesty and integrity as our core values. As a company operating globally we always, to our best knowledge, comply with local law and regulations.

  • GT-POL-001 HSE Policy
  • GT-POL-002 Fitness for Work Policy
  • GT-POL-003 Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • GT-POL-004 Communities Policy
  • GT-POL-005 Human Rights Policy

Relevant Experience

Our Field Service Specialist all have more than 7 years specialized field service, the majority of our personnel have more than 12-15 years’ experience ranging from numerous of Installation & Commissioning & Field service assignments to Power plant EPC Engineering management position.

Aero Controls & DLE Consultants reference assignment:

Aero Controls & DLE Consultants reference assignment:

Service agreement with Dresser Rand, Signed 2014; Global Field Service contract for DR’s global business

Frame agreement with ConocoPhillips Australia, Signed 2015; 3 Year DLE mapping & Control system field service support for 12 LM2500 G4 DLE.

20 Independent Service agreements with LM Owners:

Organizational structure

Aero Controls & DLE Consultants are currently fully established and operating in 3 different countries.  Our strategy is to establish a branch office in areas/countries that require a local establishment either due to local tax compliance or for repeatable business.

The company is structured as an “umbrella company” with only core management as employees, all our field service personnel are operating as consultants for Aero Controls & DLE Consultants.  With our structure we can scale up very quickly by utilizing our large network base of seasoned and experienced consultants.