Dry Low Emissions – DLE Mapping

We are specialists in DLE Combustor Mapping or Combustor Tuning. Combustor Mapping is performed to correctly define operating limits between DLE Gas Turbine Combustor Dynamic Pressure (Acoustics) and Lean Blow Out Boundaries. As highly trained specialists we can correctly define the nominal operating regions offering good engine operability over the complete load range with NOx and CO exhaust gases within specified limits. Our team consists of 6 DLE Specialists who are

  • Specialists on DLE 1, DLE 1.5 & DLE 2 Technology.
  • Experts on Gas Only DLE Engines.
  • Specialists on Dual Fuel DLE Engines.
  • Experts on Fuel Flex Bias DLE Technology.
  • Specialists on DLE Engine Installation, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Gas Turbine Startup and DLE Combustor Mapping from Synch Idle Speed to Full Load Operation.

Aero Controls & DLE Consultants were the FIRST Company to successfully Commission Fuel Flex Bias DLE Technology in the field

We also provide emissions equipment for on-site DLE Mapping activities or for periodic emissions spot checks, avoiding the use for 3rd party vendors offering vast savings. The analyzers are small and light weight with ultra-rugged construction, suitable for travelling and field applications


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