Control System Retrofits Controls Solutions

We have completed the following Gas Turbine Control System retrofit/upgrade projects :

Netcon to MicroNet +

Rustronics to MicroNet+

Woodward 501 to Woodward Atlas

Rustronics to Mark VI

Mark II to Siemens S7

Rustronics - Speedronic Mark VI & BN3500 rack

Rustronics to Woodward Micronet + & BN3500 rack

Core S6 upgrade

Logic master to Cimplicity Machine Edition upgrade

GE Fanuc 90-70 to RX3i upgrade with GE Fanuc NIU remote I/O upgrade.

Netcon - Micronet + upgrade

Woodward 511 to Woodward MicroNet Plus

Mark IV to MicroNet Plus

Vibration rack upgrade BN3500 rack

Excitation upgrade Brush Mvar - EX2100e

Vibration upgrades VibroMeter to BN3500, BN3300 to BN3500

LM2500 base to LM2500 DLE Speedtronic Mark 2 - Mark 6

LM6000PC Mark VI & GE Fanuc 90/70 to Atlas II & GE Fanuc 90/70