Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Projects

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  1. RAM Projects are Team Projects containing improvement proposals in order to increase equipment Reliability & Availability of one or multiple Gas Turbine units.
  2. RAM Project approach after a period of bad results, there is a need for improvements.
  3. Project aims for better Reliability and Availability results – less failed starts, less trips, less failures and unplanned outages.
  4. The RAM project approach is usually via a roadmap. See Figure below.
  5. Availability examples: Engine failures & Design Flaws.
  6. Reliability examples: Mostly I&C and Design Flaws.
  7. Project Objectives: Improve the Availability of the Engine Operation and Engine Operation related Package Items. Goal Setting > 95%
  1. Project Objectives: Improve the Reliability of the Engine Operation and Engine Operation related package items. Goal Setting > 95-98% fleet average –related to the RAM Project.
  2. Project Objectives: Improve Starting Reliability of the engine. Goal Setting > 97% fleet average related to RAM Project.
  3. Failure Rate Goal Setting: average < 3 per unit per year.
  4. RAM Project Management: RAM Project Design & Supervision, Technical Audit Developer and Supervision, Define RAM Project Improvements, Design Software/Hardware Modules, Design Maintenance Practices, Design Maintenance Procedures, Field Data Analysis, I&C Training.
  5. Financial Implications & Considerations: Costs of failed start and unforced outages. Production losses and energy imports, startup cost, loss of investments.