Advantages of Gas Turbine

If you have been considering a solar gas turbine, you are on the right track. These turbines come with a host of advantages that include the following:

Gas Turbine

They are readily available and highly reliable – nothing can be worse than working with a turbine that is a rare find in the market. Usually, that means that its parts are also difficult to come by. In the event that something goes wrong, you may find yourself in a rut as business comes to a grinding halt. These solar gas turbines are also very reliable and can be counted on to keep going for many years with the right maintenance.

Low operating cost – The cost of operating these gas turbines is pretty low when compared to their other counterparts. This low operating cost further goes into boosting your bottom line.

Use renewable and clean fuels – As global warming threatens humanity, each person must do his or her part to ensure that we do not mess up the environment. The fact that this turbine uses landfill gas, natural gas and digester gas is an added bonus. It can also use gases that are produced synthetically including diesel fuel.

Lowers emissions – With lower emissions, not only are you taking care of the health of your employees, but you are also taking care of the planet as well. The low emissions will ensure that you remain compliant.

High quality heat stream – Produces a high quality heat stream that can be used in a variety of other processes. You can get direct heat, steam, hot water and a combination of both power and heat.

High power density – when you compare it to other engines, you will find that this one has a power to weight ratio that is very high.

Broad range – The power module blocks come in a broad range depending on your needs.

Construction costs are reduced – This engine is much smaller than others that have an identical power rating.

Transporting it is easy and starting it up is very quick – This engine is smaller than the regular kind and is therefore very easy to transport. It is skid-mounted and prepackaged. There are also trailer mounted units if you are looking for those instead.

They are reliable – With proper maintenance, this is a very reliable engine.

Service and support is available around the world – support is available locally and around the world in 43 different locations.

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