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Avoid Overspeeding Gas Turbine

Industrial jobs always come with a risk of accident. From minor to major, there are hundreds of industrial accidents happening all around the world. One of the most frightening accidents is over speed failure on gas turbine or on a big steam turbine. When one big turbine runs, there are a lot of thermal, mechanical, as well as chemical energy that are used or even produced. When it’s used over the safe limit, the centrifugal force may pulled apart the impeller wheels and the main shaft. You may also see the metal break downs and fly around in all directions. The fatality of this tragedy may cost a lot, especially if personnel in the area got injured.

gas turbine industry

The cause of this over-speed accident may come from an electrical fault, lightning-induced power surge, operator failure, a fouled pilot or many other things. Another causes can also be the failure of associated actuators or stop valves.

In order to prevent this event from happening, there are a list of things that you can focus on when the turbine is used. Most turbines are equipped with shutoff systems. This system will automatically stop the turbines when they are used above the designed speed. Although automatic, this shutoff systems need to be checked and maintained regularly. To avoid experiencing unnecessary accidents, try to use lower speed surveillance test points in order to reduce turbine life consumption. Understand when you need to do maintenance of the stop valves, because knowing how to improve the design of speed detection and trip logic systems are not enough to get you out of the trouble.

As one misstep is going to cost you even more, have your turbines checked periodically by the experts. Make sure that it’s working perfectly and that your personnel are safe working around the area. Contact us for consultation and services on your gas turbine here.