New Gas-Fired Power Plants in Phillipines

In 2017, the construction of two new natural gas-fired power plants in Batangas city will start. Within the operation of First Gen’s 414-MW San Gabriel power plant and 97-MW Avion Open-Cycle, the power supply in Luzon will increase by more than 500 megawatts. With a far lower carbon emission, compared to typical gas- and cole-fired plants, natural gas is considered the cleanest of all fossil fuels and has among the highest thermal efficiency worldwide. Operating only on demand, the new plants ensure an economical way of power supply. Overall, the First Gen Corporation invested more than 700 million US$ for the development of Avion and San Gabriel power plant. As the existing contract between First Gen and Malampaya, which currently supplies fuel to the existing gas plant, ends in 2024, the construction of the new plants is wished to be finished by then.

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