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Gas Turbines Brightened Pakistan

In June 2016, Pakistan power shortfall nears 5000 MW, which was predicted to increase even more as heat increases. Electricity shortages in Pakistan have been the country major problems for years. Currently, there are 5 gigawatts electricity supply and demand shortage gap. 45% of local businesses believe that this problem makes them lose more than 22% of their annual sales. With this eye-opening event, fixing this problem is a top priorities for Pakistan government. Not only to improve life quality, but also to boost the economy.

9ha gas turbines

Pic credit : 9ha Gas Turbines powergen

In a mission to help Pakistan, a pair of GE’S air cooled 9HA gas turbines were born. They are by far the largest and most efficient gas turbine on the planet. Capable of delivering more than 61% efficiency after it runs for an equivalent of four-minute miles. Each one of these giants will cover thousands of miles by land and sea from their birth place in Belfort – France to Bhikki, a farming town in Punjab Province of Pakistan.

This electricity generation plant is being built by China’s Harbin Electric International for Punjab government’s Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Ltd. Utility. These gas turbines will be the heart of the Bhikki Combined Cycle Power Electricity, and will be able to help Pakistan with its 5 gigawatts supply and demand gap.

These gas turbines are using a technology that was originally developed for supersonic jet engines and are the result of $2 billion investment by Power & Water. Sardar Haider Khan, the local lead for GE Power & Water’s power generation product businesses stated, “Everything about this project is going to be larger than life – the world’s largest gas turbine, powering one of the region’s most efficient power plants, generating electricity for millions of households, as well as industry,”.

In 10 minutes, the turbine will be able to reach a full load with the flexibility to run on a range of gas or liquid fuels. Which is very important for countries like Pakistan. The ones in Bhikki will be using RLNG or “re-gasified” liquefied natural gas. Substitute fuels option is available should RLNG’s price fluctuates.