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Hire Engineers by These Traits

If you have been looking to hire engineers, by now you know that they are not easy to come by.  Here are 10 traits to look at that the best field engineers will have.

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Can handle stress – There are many challenges out there where this job is concerned. You need to deal with hardware and software issues, traffic, tight schedules, irate customers and more. When you hire engineers, make the interview process a challenge and see how they handle the stress.

Resourcefulness – An engineer in the field often needs to be inventive in order to solve the problems that he or she comes across out there. They should be able to deal with problems that are not documented as well.

Pays attention to the details – Since the work is often under a very tight deadline, paying attention to detail is critical. The engineer needs to see both the big picture and the minute details in order to accomplish the task successfully.

Sense of humor – Sometimes you need to laugh at a particular situation or yourself from time to time. It is important to note that as an engineer you will make mistakes from time to time. Learn from them, laugh a little and move on.

The ability to work with others and as an individual – Out in the field, there
will be certain tasks for the engineer to complete along or with others. They should be able to do both equally well.

Willing to learn – Technology is constantly improving and any engineer worth his salt will be working continually to grasp this ever expanding and fluid knowledge. Willing to learn new skills and technology related to his field is a plus.

Loves technology – Technology is in everything we do today. He or she should hire engineerslove working with technology but should not necessarily be obsessed with it. If he or she cannot work a keyboard or a computer, you may be better off without him.

Excellent communication skills – one thing an engineer will need to do all the time is to communicate. This is especially true if the engineer will be offering remote support to clients.  Additionally, they need to know how to communicate with clients in the field.

Patience – Understanding that most people do not have your expertise goes a long way in being patient with clients. The concepts that come easily to you may be very difficult for them to grasp.

Have and even temper – If your engineer is the kind that swears at clients, flings keyboards or punches walls, he is bad for business. An even-keeled person is ideal.

In order to hire engineers you need to understand what skills you need for your business. We understand that to hire one takes time, while you are looking for the right fit make sure that your machine is up to date and maintained the right way. Contact us for consultation and services here.