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New European Union Directive for Power Plant

New European Union directive is going to come and impact the power generation industry. Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) will impacted the 28 member states of the union and to even larger scale worldwide should other countries follow the lead.

new european union power plant

The focus and the responsibility of this directive is going to be on the generator sets and operator of power plants, rather than the equipment. This is also different compare to Directive 97/68/EC which is dedicated for non-road mobile machinery. According to Pedro Ponte, the project application engineer at Cummins Power Generation, this directive is a “comply-at-all-times” that customer need to continuously monitor and report the emissions. These rules are effective for both new and existing medium combustion plants.

With this, generator which power output is ranging of approximately 330kW to 17MW are going to be affected, except the plants which operated less than 500 hours in a year. This directive will cover combustion plants between 1 and 50 MW thermal input. The exception of the rules also apply to gas turbines, gas and diesel engines when they are used on development/testing activities relating to combustion plants or offshore platforms/research.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has a regulation called NSPS for gas turbines used for utility combined-cycle plants, pipeline compressors and industrial cogeneration plants. This rules give a choice of using an output-based method in kg/MWh to encourage more energy system efficiency (15-42 ppm or 0.19 to 1.04 kg/MWh) at higher NOx levels.

Will the EU regulation affects US EPA? Before you get your company into trouble, make sure that you have you power generation plant maintained by the expert. With our advance technology, we can give you the service that you need and avoid unnecessary problems caused by lack of information.